11 July 2014

Entomology Fun

Claire's damsel fly buddy.
It's a really good thing we like bugs, especially around here. If we didn't, we'd be in trouble.
A newly hatched jumping spider brood I discovered while painting the house.
At the tail end of college and for a few months until my full-time position started, I worked with all kinds of insects: aphids, stable flies, house flies, weevils, mosquitoes, worms, and the very, very worst, cockroaches.
A very feisty stick bug.
Even though some species still give me the creeps, a lot of them are really fascinating.
Can't pick beans in the garden without coming across more than a few daddy long legs.
It seems to be rubbing off on the girls too.  They spend a good portion of their time outside collecting earthworms, pill bugs and beetles. Evelyn has even requested a pet fly. How could I say no?
Yes, that's a pet fly in a jar.
Most of them are beneficial (even those mosquitoes--the males are excellent pollinators, even if the females are out for blood) so we leave them be.
There are TONS of daring jumping spiders crawling our walls.
Or should I say "bee"? Haha. Haha.
The bees are thriving! We're expecting a good harvest of honey this year!

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