15 July 2014

Look Who Showed Up

Look who showed up! It seemed like only yesterday they were just an egg sack!
Since I finished mowing faster than I had planned, I decided to raze down a patch of tall grass and weeds that the horses hadn't bothered eating (spoiled horses, I know). While cutting slowly into the swatch of vegetation, I noticed an odd looking twig frantically hopping from one stem to the next.
Jumping from stem to stem. Gladly, he didn't get chopped up by the mower.
Turns out we've had our first mantis sighting! He's not the biggest I've ever seen but certainly was a beauty and fairly friendly as far as praying mantises go (some would rather poke your eye out than let you look at them). The little darling was relocated out of harm's way with encouragement to keep up the good work.
Faretheewell little bug.
It's always nice to know an investment paid off. Hope we see some of his siblings around soon too!

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