30 July 2014

Tender Mercy

While driving around a few days ago, I saw a beautiful patch of landscaping and thought to myself that I'd like to have some black-eyed susans in my flowerbed. It was more of a thought to tuck in the back of my mind to ask around this fall and see if anyone had some they'd like to split.
Not a day later, I was jogging along the road with Raven and spotted a patch of newly-blooming black-eyed susans. Now, they're living in my flowerbed and though it was a rather insignificant-yet-very-appreciated blessing, we refer to them as tender mercies.
Jack even dug them up and planted them for me--another tender mercy.
The trick is to remember and recognize when a tender mercy occurs. Thankfully, I have flowers to remind me of at least one.

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