01 August 2014


My baby looks more like a little girl now...
If time flies when you're having fun, then kids really are a blast because we've already got a kindergartener here! It seems like only yesterday we were bringing Evelyn home and now, in a blink of an eye, she's an intelligent, witty, clever, sweet, hilarious little girl.
We went to tour her school yesterday and though the community is small, it is thriving with little kids. It was all a bit overwhelming though Evelyn took it all in stride.  This morning, she hugged and kissed us all goodbye, got out of the car and marched resolutely into the building without looking back. I think we missed her at home more than she did at school.  Claire and Kate were unnaturally quiet and kept asking where Evelyn was and when she'd be home. I don't think they know how to play together without Evelyn's help. Kindergarten is an adventure for everyone.
Claire and Evie sprinting toward each other, so happy to be reunited!
She came home as we were painting the underbelly of the deck and came sprinting up the driveway, so happy to be back and full to the brim with stories. Other than a couple of boys who kept sticking out their tongues on the bus (she told me she just ignored them and won't sit by them again--besides, they were probably trying to be friendly. Boys are foreign to us), the day went really well.  She even told me how she chose to sit with a new girl who didn't have anyone else to sit with on the bus. Her sweet personality is already shining through!
Here's to a happy start to Kindergarten!

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