04 August 2014

Little Hogs

Snow enjoying some uneaten spaghetti.
Though I always have thought it would be fun to have a pig rooting around the property, experience (myself and others) has put a bit of a damper on it. Pigs are big. They're notorious for getting out of fences. And they can be mean. Like, bite your leg off mean.
The start of a feeding frenzy...Twinkle ran off with a chunk of muffin before anyone knew it hit the ground.
Not to say that I won't ever have a little piggy or two but for now, we've settled for chickens. But how are hogs and chickens alike? I hate the thought of wasting food so the rotten, inedible stuff goes in the compost and whatever the girls couldn't finish of their meals goes to the roosters and hens.
Strawberry enjoying some watermelon (and believe it or not, her feathers are FINALLY starting to grow back).
They love everything from watermelon rinds, spaghetti, bread crusts, uneaten scrambled eggs, veggie peelings, fruit, tomatoes, even crushed up egg shells. So, they're our little hogs for now.

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