18 September 2014

At It Again

This is going to take a while...
I originally started on the south side of the house, then decided to take a hiatus. It was so sunny and hot that I'd squint to keep the sun and sweat from dripping in my eyes and end up with a headache after about twenty minutes of painting.
Someone's always willing to help.
So, we put up siding in the front and once that project was done, moved to the shady, cool north side of the house. Of course, once I did that, we had a spell of chilly, wet weather. Still, I've been trying to be better about finishing things (I am a starter, for sure--we've got a gazillion projects I'm 85% done with lying around. You'd be surprised how much of a difference trim or door knobs make). So, I finished the north side, saving for a few pieces of siding from our bee adventure that need to be put back up.
I got distracted by the front. And yes, I did put the ladder in the truck bed so I could get higher up.
Since there is no siding to speak of on the back of the house, I have been forced to finish the south side. It is slow going--the original siding on the south side hasn't weathered as well and that peak is REALLY high up there, plus I have to figure out a way to hide that unsightly door-to-nowhere void.
I can always see progress when I look at the original photos!
But, I am determined to finish 'cause once it's done, it'll be done.

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