21 September 2014


Up a ladder, ready to squash a wasp with his shoe that kept pestering me while I was painting.
Though some think chivalry is dead, it's alive and well at our house. Since Jack is the only boy in a sea of girls, he has many opportunities to be gallant.
He lets the girls have a free ride on the lawn mower when it dies in the yard and won't start again. That's no small feat!
We'd walked a long way already and Claire couldn't take it anymore. She could practically nap on his shoulders.
The girls get to be his "shoulder angels" when they're tired but there isn't enough room in the stroller.
Fixing a hole in the roof that leaked when it rained.
More than once, he's scaled the roof for me to fix or install something. And though I could do all those things for myself just to prove that I can (although heights and wasps give me nightmares, particularly when combined), I'm more than happy to step aside and let Jack be chivalrous.

(And here's what a shoulder angel looks like at work, in case you're curious).

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