03 September 2014

We're All Friends

Raven trying to get Hercules to scratch her tummy.
I think we've finally reached equilibrium on the farm: all the animals seem to be getting along dandily. I've told everyone we're all friends a dozen times and now they seem to be believing me. Raven no longer winces and whines when a cat is nearby.
Hercules was raised with chickens, just not chicks...
Hercules has given up trying to eat the chickens now that he recognizes them as chickens (and not vocal little treats we left in a box for him).
They only flap away if Raven runs right through their flock.
The chickens no longer scatter and cackle angrily when Raven runs by...
For YEARS Stoney was afraid of poultry. Now he's got better things to do.
The horses don't snort and shy at the funny looking (and sounding) chickens. And remember how Raven quivered and hid every time we went near the horses? Well, now they're best friends.
Friends from a distance.
Sort of.

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