22 October 2014


The (mostly) finished product.  Best $20 we've ever spent!
My parents visited over the weekend and though they're here on vacation, it's always a working vacation. This time we removed the old, cloudy, cracked windows and put in a beautiful sliding glass door and windows on either side. The best part (other than it's a crystal clear view outside and the set up is GORGEOUS) is that it cost us about a total of $20 to purchase and install everything (I'd say even more awesome than our $25 window in our Iowa home). The sliding glass door was removed from my sister's house and we nabbed the windows from a house salvage. The only real cost was spray foam to seal cracks, some screws, a piece of drywall and some plywood, some of which we already had on hand from other projects.
Here are the windows before we got started--the windows had a great view but they were old, cracked, cloudy and not sealed well. That problem's been taken care of!
How's that for thrifty?
We're making real progress on the house! Here's what it looked like before we got started.

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