29 October 2014

Easy Felt Halloween Shirts

I told them I'd give them candy if they smiled for the camera. It worked! ;)
Here's a quick, adorable Halloween (or really, any day, any holiday) craft that is simple enough kids can help. Individualize basic silhouettes with puff paint, ribbon, contrasting thread, etc. And when Halloween's over, you can rip out the seam, save the decorations and re-sew them onto a larger shirt next year!
Kate's girly ghost.
You'll Need:

1 plain t-shirt
Hot glue, puff paint, craft crystals, ribbon, etc to decorate
 1. Freehand or trace desired shape on the back of the felt.
 2. Cut out and arrange felt on shirt. Pin before sewing.
3. Sew around perimeter of felt.
4. Decorate with crystals, beads, puff paint, ribbon, etc.
Claire's adorable bat.
5. Wear proudly!
Happy Halloween!

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