09 November 2014

Favorite Season

Curious about  my leaf.
Autumn is currently my favorite season. Here's why:
 Halloween (of course).
 There's still the occasional warm day to wash the dog outdoors.
Despite the many hours of long, hard work sampling and harvesting corn when I worked, I still love watching a field being harvested. Bounty of the earth right in my backyard.
The changing leaves in Indiana are gorgeous.
It's finally time to snuggle up in blankets (and keep warm by fire, which I can now produce!).
When we have mild weather, sans insects, to eat dinner out on the porch.
The animals (and kids) still willingly go outside.
Reaping the last of the garden harvest.
Running to music like Appalachian Spring (yes, it's about spring but after my sister sent it to me while serving in Montreal in the fall, it's always reminded me of autumn).

Why do I love autumn? I think it's obvious.
(I'm sure I'll feel the same about every other season as it comes along. Except maybe winter...)

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