19 November 2014


Our truck gets a good workout quite often.
When we get ready to go out of town, it's no small ordeal. On top of tidying up the house and packing food and clothes for five people and a dog, there are animals that are left behind that need to be planned for. Since our disastrous hay situation last Halloween (no barn + crummy tarp + raging storm = moldy hay), we decided to go with predominately round bales this year. They're lined up nicely on the yard but since we're traveling sooner than we thought to visit with family and haven't yet had a chance to fence in the section where the hay is, we had to move a bale into the paddock where the horses would be secure while we're away.
I wish I would have gotten a video of Jack moving the bale. It was hilarious.
Easy enough...if you have a tractor. Luckily, Jack is always up for a challenge. After unsticking the bale from the frozen ground, I got it rolling with the truck, then we took turns pushing and laughing at each other as we slowly maneuvered the bale across the pasture. As usual, the horses were no help.
Thanks, Stoney and Dancer. A lot.
Someone put tractor on my Christmas list, please.

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