28 November 2014

Tractor Driving Lessons

Watch out world! I have a tractor and I know how to use it!
Though a good majority of the goals I set at the beginning of the year (that I'll actually be able to achieve) are already done, there's still time to check a few off the list before beginning anew in the upcoming year! Learning how to drive a tractor has been on my mind since having a farm of our own but since we didn't have one or know anyone who did, I was out of luck to learn how to operate one.
I want one!
Since putting up a horse pasture is also on my to-do list this year and impeccable timing and a very generous neighbor stopped by to lend us the use of his tractor and auger, I got the chance to sit on a real tractor, learn how to move the bucket and PTO and will be sure to practice lots while I have the chance.

Thanks for the tractor driving lessons, Jack!

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