30 January 2015

Little Angel Gowns

A beautiful example of one of their dresses for an infant girl.
Recently, I attended an area meeting for women in church leadership positions. After a bit of training, we broke into groups for brief presentations, one of which was for Little Angel Gowns. The premise of the group makes me teary-eyed every time I think of it: they take donated wedding dresses and turn them into burial gowns for babies who have passed away.
Taking my wedding dress for one last ride.
So, naturally, I packed up my wedding gown and headed there to donate it shortly after learning about them. It was a little bittersweet handing over my gown because of the happy memories it invokes. However, I can tell you I haven't worn it once since we were married eight years ago. I'm glad it will be used in another very important and touching way.
Ten to fifteen burial outfits can be made from each dress.
While there, we had a tour and were in awe of the volunteers who make the whole thing happen. there are dozens and dozens of dresses to be converted into burial outfits so we signed up and took one of them home and over the weekend, will be sewing away. I was also pleased to hear that if their gowns aren't already available at nearby funeral homes or hospitals, that grieving families can simply call and they will overnight an outfit to them.
If you know of anyone who would benefit from their services, you'd like to donate your dress or sew for them, visit LittleAngelGowns.org or visit their Facebook Page.

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