27 January 2015

The Master and The Apprentices

Evelyn brought home a flier about her school's talent show and as I read off all the things she could participate in--singing, dancing, magic tricks--she cut me off with a very stern, curt, "I'm not doing that." However, when I mentioned she could submit artwork, her eyes lit up and she immediately agreed to paint something.
After a few days of preparation, deciding what she was going to create, sketching the rough outline and gathering materials, she spent a rigorous Saturday painting her masterpiece, entitled, Rainbow the Alicorn (if you have no idea what an alicorn is, don't fret--I didn't either until we watched the My Little Ponies series about 8,000 times. An alicorn is a unicorn who also has pegasus-like wings).
If watching her intently paint wasn't adorable enough, it was hilarious watching her sisters sit quietly and listen to her narrating her work. The master was indeed teaching the apprentices.

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