16 January 2015

To Side or Not To Side

The back of the house is sad! So do we side it or paint it like the front deck?
I worked really hard this spring, summer and fall to get about 80% of the house painted and the siding fixed. This monstrous house (and equally intimidating deck) is no small feat! But, the front and both sides are looking tremendously better thanks to some new siding, rocks and fresh paint. That leaves only the back to do and as shown above, it'll be another big undertaking. which begs the question: to side or not to side???
A view from the front, featuring both siding and the interesting deck feature.
The front features two types of exterior coverings. We decided to side the great room face while leaving the deck as it was and paint it, using a contrasting paint to highlight the trim. So, A) we could side the back of the house or B) paint it in a similar fashion to the deck but would that be too much going on? Or would it be an interesting way to decorate the exterior using a unique design?
A view of the deck (similar to how the back of the house is designed). Paint it like the deck or side over it???
We'd love to hear your thoughts so when the weather warms up, we can hit the ground running!

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