11 February 2015

Jungle Gym

I got Jack a chainsaw for Christmas and he's already put it to good use. Just about every weekend he's out sawing away, trimming up trees and cutting firewood. This past Saturday, he tackled his biggest project yet...
I was making dinner when one of the monstrous ash trees fell in the back yard. With cool confidence, Jack managed to make it fall in just the right spot and without smashing the fence or himself. Thank goodness he's watched his share of mountain men shows lately and gleaned some important tricks for successful tree felling.
Since Jack cut the tree down late in the evening, we didn't have time to chop it up much, so it's become more of a jungle gym for everyone. The girls are forever trying to climb trees and now, Jack's made it easy for them. And nothing against the beautiful tree other than it was casting a large shadow over part of our garden. It'd been targeted for removal since moving in.
Claire sticking her tongue out for the camera.
Eventually (hopefully sooner rather than later, but that all depends on the weather), it'll be cut and split for next year's firewood. Before that though, I foresee hours of entertainment.

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