22 March 2015

Billion Graves

Taking photos and recording gravestone information.
I set a goal to index 1,000 records this year through Family Search Indexing and while I'm well on my way to achieving the goal, today we did a different sort of family history. Jack discovered a site called Billion Graves, whose goal is to photograph and record information off of tombstones so people can search for their ancestors' information.
The original tombstone had fallen and cracked, so it was encased in concrete and replaced by two new headstones.
We've been waiting for good weather and though it was a bit chilly, took some visiting family to a nearby cemetery and got started. Graveyards carry a creepy stigma with them for some people, but I've always enjoyed visiting them. As a child and youth, we used to venture out every Memorial Day with family and listen to my grandmother tell us stories about our ancestors. Cemeteries hold lots of memories.
The girls took a trip through the cemetery and reading names on the headstones.
I'm sure our contribution will be minimal, but it's a neat feeling connecting people with their roots. Check out Billion Graves if you're looking to do some volunteer service on your own schedule.

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