26 March 2015


A section of Stoney's hoof. A.K.A. one of Raven's favorite chew toys.
While some people like to treat themselves to a mani/pedi, I'm lucky if I go somewhere without grout or paint in my cuticles, much less with filed nails or polish. The horses, however, are on a regular schedule where their hooves are trimmed and filed to perfection.
Dancer being good. Occasionally, she can manage to behave herself.
I'd almost think they were spoiled but they don't particularly enjoy it. Stoney's finding it harder to lift his hind legs with his old man swayed back and Dancer's just a little pill who attempts to put her foot down every chance she gets, whether someone's hanging onto it or not.
Lydia trying her best to snip off some of Dancer's hoof.
The girls and their cousins got to try out farrier work too and discovered just how strong your gripping muscles have to be to trim up the hooves. Raven always hovers around to snatch pieces of hooves to eat (I never claimed dogs weren't gross) and the horses are set for another few months until they're scheduled for another pampering session.

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