12 March 2015

Moved Out

Our beautiful barred rock girl.
We were so excited to find chicks early in the year, not only because they're sooo cute, but because that means they'll be ready to lay for longer this year than our supposed-to-be-girls last year. We've enjoyed watching them grow and feather out but once the weather got warm enough, they were moved outside. Chickens stink.
I worried and fretted a good portion of the night that they'd be too cold or they wouldn't be able to fend for themselves but come the next morning, they'd rather enjoyed their first night of freedom.
Evelyn has always been a natural chicken whisperer.
I've seen the rooster and older hens take a few pecks at them (they don't call it the pecking order for nothing) but if they feel too threatened, they cluster at the back of the dog house, just out of reach. Soon enough, they'll full grown and throwing their own weight around.
Everybody's getting along. At least while I have an eye on them.
Everybody's happy!

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