29 March 2015

Sledding and Snowmen

Being towed to the hill to go sledding.
A few weeks ago, we had a fairly late-season snow storm that canceled church and left a good several inches of snow on the ground.
No one can resist eating fresh snow.
Since sledding and snowmen have been favorite pastimes of my childhood, I was eager to share it with my girls, who have never had a chance to sled either because they were too young, it was too cold or there wasn't enough snow.It was the first time for Kate to build a snowman too--Claire and Evelyn are old pros from Iowa.
Rolling snowmen bodies.
We spent an afternoon making snowmen the best we could since the snow was still so fresh and cold that it wasn't sticking together very well. Still, we managed to make a snow lady and a snow bunny and a snow fort  while Raven ran amok. We were out about an hour before needing to head inside to warm up.
For family night, we decided to brave it and take the girls sledding. We didn't have a sled but got creative using a boat inner tube and a ski rope. It was just long enough to send the girls screaming down the hill then tow them back to the top.
Kate being drug back up the hill.
Jack took us out for malts and cheesy fries afterward at a newly restored diner afterwards, which made the evening a mega success. We're hopefully done with snow for the season but are happy we got to share our favorite winter activities with the girls.

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