25 April 2015

Book Signing

Do you think everyone will be able to tell what my novels are about???
Since finally admitting I wanted to be a published author, I've always wanted to attend a book signing. Ironically, the first I was able to attend was my book signing. To clarify, though, it wasn't a solo act. A friend invited me to an Indiana author event at a nearby library along with sixteen other authors of varying genres and accomplishments, where we met with fellow readers. I sold a few books, made new friends and clumsily signed my name before handing over my published work. It was an interesting experience for sure--for one, I learned I am a lousy saleswoman. Oh, well. The people watching was well worth it and gave me time to brainstorm new book plots.


Oh, and if you haven't had a chance to read Headed for the Win, you can check it out on Amazon (affiliate link). Road to the Regalia is coming soon!

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