02 April 2015

Tea Party

Enjoying a lumberjack-style tea party.
It's about time to start the garden and while the girls thoroughly enjoyed their makeshift jungle gym, it was time for it to be chopped up so we could get to the garden beds. That doesn't mean it wasn't fun anymore.
The jungle gym disassembled and ready to be burned for next winter's heat.
I was inside making dinner and spied Jack rolling some of the heavier logs over to the leftover stump. At first I wasn't sure what he was doing, but when he gathered all the girls around, it was obvious: a tea party.
Evelyn helping Jack set up.
They ate sawdust salad and wood slice sandwiches and when I came out to tell them their real dinner was ready, they begged me to let them eat out on the stump. They eventually settled for eating on the deck instead.
I'm not sure who thinks you can't be a manly, chainsaw-wielding lumberjack and not have time to throw a tea party for your girls.

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