10 April 2015

The Last Bale

Winter has transitioned nicely into spring and we've been enjoying the warmer weather, the hens' fresh eggs, thunderstorms and the green grass.
Dancer getting some much needed exercise.
The last bale we have to use is in decent enough shape but really, when green grass is growing, that's all that's on a horse's mind.
Dancer rudely ignoring the neighbor horses to stuff her face.
The girls got a lot of entertainment out of the roll of hay. It was a climbing challenge...
...a cat toy...
Snickers getting a cuddle.
When the horses aren't stuck in the muddy paddock, eating hay and doing their best to nibble at the green grass within their reach of the fence boundaries, they get to go out and enjoy the tender green shoots. Their time on the pasture is limited at the moment because of all the rain and the tendency of their galloping hooves to rip holes in the earth, so I have to trot across the muck and skip their hoof divots to let them out for a few hours.
Run free (to the fence boundary, anyway)!
One conclusion I've come to?
I really need to invest in some good rain boots.

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