12 June 2015


A new entry door (thanks Jenny and Jordan!), new tile, new trim, new paint, new crown molding...phew!
Lately, I've been focusing on finishing rooms--the trim, caulking, final painting, scraping windows--whatever I can do to make it look pristine. Some things, like putting in new outlets or plumbing, well, that's not my specialty and will have to wait until Jack can do it.
What the entryway looked like when we moved in--bare concrete, textured walls, dirty trim and overall, sad.
Since starting on the entryway, I've done a little at a time and finally decided to tackle the last of the tasks this past week since the entryway pretty well sets the tone for the house (and if people are distracted by how nice the entryway is, maybe they won't notice the rest of the things I haven't finished...) I still need to find a rug and would love to make a bench, but for now, it's looking a million times better.
C'mon in!

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