21 July 2015

Frog Caviar

We've had several plagues this summer, but not all bad. Having a free bee swarm show up was pretty awesome. Sure, the rain has been annoying but we're in for a whole week of sunshine and mild temperatures. The resulting wet weather has filled our baby pool a few times and though I try to keep up with dumping it out to keep the mosquitoes at bay, it's been hard to keep up with. Imagine our surprise this time when I looked into the murky green and found clusters of frog eggs floating in the water.
We saved the eggs, dumped out the pool and though Raven got in a few laps of water before realizing there was frog caviar floating in it, most of them survived. We'll see if they hatch in about a week and if they do, they might find their new home in the horse trough to help keep the mosquito population down before they grow up and head to the trees where they'll serenade us all summer long.

Never a dull day around here!

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