29 July 2015

Highlight of the Year

The girls' cousins, my sister and my brother-in-law were able to come for a visit this past week! It's always so much fun watching the girls play and be able to make memories together--family visits are a highlight of the year. It was a jammed packed seven days with activities like visiting the temple, rescuing frog eggs and staying up too lat(hey, it was vacation). Here's a taste of what else we did this time around:
Releasing the tadpoles into the horses' water trough (I'm secretly pleased they didn't end up being some sort of super mosquito)!
Morning exercise on the bounce house, usually before even getting out of their jammies.
Meeting Jack downtown for lunch.
Walking around to see memorials and fountains.
Cooling off in the shade.
An intense game of kickball: Lukes vs. Elikers. Jordan had no mercy tagging out kids so Jack and Evelyn took their revenge by accidentally pitching the ball first into Elsa, then into Holton. My family plays dirty, I guess.
A long, hot but fun trip to the zoo!
Helping Jack assemble frames for his new bees.
Everyone got a couple of pony rides on good, ol' Stoney!
Thank you, Holton for reminding me what it's like to have a crawling baby in the house.
Crawling babies!
Lots of time swinging...
...and playing at parks...
and the resulting plethora of bug bites. Elsa took first prize in sheer number. I don't think anyone coveted her position as Most Bitten by Mosquitoes.
She smiled for the photo, then was asleep about two seconds later. Seriously.
Raven, Ruby and Jack.
A pack of (practically) wild dogs wrestling out back.
Working on the front and interior of the horses' shed! It'll be ready well before winter. Hooray!
Riding a zipline!
Kaylee obviously enamored with the hunky lifeguard.
It was finally warm and sunny so we did plenty of swimming!
And eventually having to say goodbye. See you soon, cousins!

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