05 August 2015

First Grade

All smiles for the first day of school.
School has already started and Evelyn's a first grader. She returned to class like an old pro--no tears, all excitement. Claire and Kate have adjusted well too. When Evelyn went to kindergarten, they weren't exactly sure how to play with each other without a big sister to dictate what they should be doing. That's not a problem anymore. They spend their time climbing trees, swinging, playing with the dog, cats and horses, coloring, napping and helping around the house, among other things.
Working together to scale the tree.
Evelyn gets home earlier than she did last year, thanks to a change in the bus route (yay!) and while having a snack, does her homework or instructs her sisters in what she learned.
Yes, Claire is dressed as a macaw and yes, that's normal.
Here's to the successful start of another school year!

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