14 August 2015

Katie's Tack Trunk Book Review

To purchase Headed for the Win, click here!
One of the highlights of being an author is hearing back from readers who enjoy your work. The writer of Katie's Tack Trunk recently read and wrote a review for Headed for the Win and was honest and kind. I loved every word of it! Here's a snippet of what Katie said:

All in all, the plot twist makes for an excellent book. Headed for the Win was a very fun read, and I'm eager to begin reading Road to the Regalia. Rachael Eliker is certainly an author to watch as she thinks and writes outside of the box.

To read the rest of the review, head over to Katie's Tack Trunk!
The books are doing well!

Thanks again, Katie!
To purchase Road to the Regalia, click here!

(I sure appreciate them!)

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