12 August 2015


I was finishing up the last of the mowing when a little hopping creature caught my eye. Thankfully, I avoided rolling over him and though it took some effort to catch him, he was soon in hand: Kermit came for a visit!
Watching the frog take a swim around the pool.
It goes without saying that the girls were excited to have a little froggie around. He was promptly taken to the swimming pool where he swam a few laps before settling into the bottom to try and hide. Of course, the girls have a hard time keeping their hands off things that are creepy, slimy or crawly, so he was quickly scooped up and gently cuddled.
Passing Kermit off.
We left Kermit outside to his own devices while we had lunch and speculated maybe he was involved in laying some of the eggs that we found a few weeks earlier, deposited in the pool.
Evelyn trying to set Kermit up with one of her Littlest Pet Shop toys, after hearing he split with Miss Piggy.
Eventually, after everyone had a chance to look at and hold him, Kermit was let go. He has a lot of work ahead of him, eating mosquitoes and flies and unwanted bugs. Or course, he's always welcome to come and take a dip in the pool whenever he likes!
Futilely trying to hide under the water.

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