09 August 2015


I'd noticed the pond store in the small town to the south of us but had never stopped in because we have no ponds to speak of on our property but once our neighbors mentioned they have a koi pond where you can feed the fish, stopping by was at the top of our list.
They'd practically crawl out of the water for some food!
The koi didn't disappoint. At first, we were just tossing the food in and enjoying the girls' laughter when they'd suck it up with their gaping mouths. Then someone mentioned they could be fed by hand. Claire was the first one brave enough to try it and by her never ending giggle, her sisters could tell it was fun and that they weren't gnawing her fingers off.

I doled out entirely too many quarters but to see the girls so thrilled was worth it. As an animal lover, I wholeheartedly admit to enjoying it just about as much as them.  
I think I need a koi pond now.

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