22 August 2015


Checking on the grapes--they're almost ready!
With three little kids and another on the way, it's not always easy to find the time (or babysitter budget!) to go out together. Fortunately, that doesn't deter us from having fairly regular date nights. There's plenty to do and see around the property and while the girls play together, Jack and I get some much needed (at least for me!) adult time.
He still picks wildflower bouquets for me.
After dinner, we stroll around our acreage and assess how the grapes are coming along...
The newest hive Jack tamed from an earlier swarm.
...and if the bees are doing well (they sure are!)...
The tadpoles have eaten the mosquito larvae and have started working on the algae.
...and peek into the horse trough to watch the growing tadpoles.
Putting up the last of the second rail in our new pasture!
Sometimes we finish up some projects that I can't manage to do by myself...
...and we put the animals away and make sure everyone's happy and healthy.
Another beautiful bouquet! (Maybe Jack should become a florist...)
It's fun to go out for an evening of fun at the end of the week, but in a lot of ways, I like strolling around in good weather, holding hands, chatting and working the best.

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