08 August 2015

Two In A Day

Kitty Cat Claire doing one of her favorite things: holding bugs.
Every year we've lived here, we've bought praying mantis egg pods in an effort to encourage natural predators to help us with all the pesky bugs, especially in the garden and every year, we haven't been disappointed.
We've seen multiple praying mantises a year and this past summer, even had an egg pod laid on one of our tomato cages.
Kate has definitely overcome her discomfort around bugs.
Usually, it's rare that we actually see a praying mantis. They're pretty shy and blend in well with the plants but while we were working on taming the garden, we found two in a day.
Evelyn got a turn to hold one after school, too.
It's always fun to see our efforts pay off and I'm so glad the girls can learn about and appreciate nature firsthand and without being squeamish or screaming about a bug crawling on them. They've gotten plenty of practice, after all.

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