14 September 2015

A Girl and Her Dog

Running, running, and running some more!
I know the saying goes that dog is man's best friend, but while Raven loves Jack, she definitely sees me as the alpha. Even with me being the boss, she often prefers hanging out with the girls because they're always more than willing to play fetch or rub her tummy or run wild with her.
There's no room left!
Yesterday, the weather was beautiful and fall-like, so after dinner, we headed out to the hammock. Everyone else piled in while I sat back and watched (I don't care how much Jack says that hammock can hold!).
They giggled and wriggled inside it for a while but eventually, Claire got tired of sitting still and crawled out to burn off some of her energy.
Raven got to the stick faster that time!
Raven followed and the photos were hilarious as I threw a stick since Raven finally has learned how to fetch. Claire and Raven went crazy, trying to chase it down.
Screaming when Raven ran up beside her.
The pair ran and shrieked and made everyone laugh for about half an hour. While Claire generally prefers cats, they are usually found doing this:
World's laziest cat right here.
They sure love each other.
What an entertaining evening a girl and her dog can provide.

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