20 September 2015

Collection of Chicks

Playing with Claire.
Since Henry's arrival, he has enjoyed weeks and weeks of being doted on by sisters, family and neighbors,
Scooping manure is hard work!
But already (and still less than a month old), he's no longer the new kid on the farm.
Can you see what she has tucked under her feathers, right under her chin?
Remember that broody hen? She managed to hatch two eggs so far! I haven't been able to count just how many eggs she has in her clutch, since all of her fellow hens keep trying to lay more under her, but I suspect she'll have quite the collection of chicks when all is said and done.
Looks a lot like their daddy.
They're sooooo cute!

(And yay for a hen raising them instead of having to keep them inside under a heat lamp!)

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