30 October 2015

Autumn Afternoon

A panoramic view from our deck.
We've been having some gorgeous fall weather at our place and we're trying to take advantage of it as much as possible before it's dreary and cold and no fun to go outside. Sometimes we like to do stuff together but most of the time, once we're out the door, we scatter.
Everyone doing their own thing.
Being able to go outside without worrying where everyone is is a huge blessing. I check on the girls every once in a while, but usually they're content to play on their own.
Since Claire learned how to swing herself last year, she can whip back and forth happily for long stretches.
Snickers enjoying some attention.
Kate usually chases down the closest animal and snuggles it until they decide they've had enough, then she moves on to the next.
Evelyn sifting through the playground gravel, sure she'll find something fascinating.
Evelyn winds down after school by grabbing a snack and joining us for a bit of quiet alone time.
Beautiful sunset!
We cherish our autumn afternoons: the warm sunshine, the color and especially being outside together, even if we're separate.

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