22 October 2015

DIY Fleece Ghost

We love decorating for Halloween but have a hard time buying things from the store that cost an arm and a leg and are made from what feels like foam and balsa wood (or things that are incredibly gory--we like Halloween fun, not gross). Here's one of our new additions to the Halloween decor this year and here's how to make this fun, not-too-scary ghost!

You'll Need:

White yarn
Hot glue or needle and thread
Fabric paint or permanent marker
Fabric scissors
Wire Cutters

1. Shape wire into round head piece
2. Attach twine in a loop to top of wire head
Attaching it in a loop makes it easier to hang when ready to display.
3. Shape arms, attached to head piece
Loop the wire at the end so it doesn't poke through the fleece.
4. Drape fleece over wire and at the center of the fabric, cut a small hole for the twine. Close tightly by hand stitching or hot gluing
5. Stuff head with batting. Close off head by tying yarn around the neck and attaching securely
6. Cut or tear bottom of material to give it a tattered appearance
The tattier, the better!
7. Paint or draw on face
Hang to display! Enjoy!

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