23 October 2015

Photos at the Farm

Our growing family!
One reoccurring goal we'll be trying to complete every year is to take professional family photos. It's not that I don't take plenty of pictures of the girls, the animals, of Jack doing silly things or projects we're working on, but it's pretty rare that we get photos of all of us together when we're dressed nicely and smiling. Here are a few of the photos  our friend Tasha managed to get.
Tasha came to us and we took photos at the farm!
Smile, Evelyn!
Evelyn and her missing tooth.
Claire and her cute little dimple.
Kate and her cheesy grin.
Henry and his serious stare.
Our cuties!
All of our beautiful children!
Jack and me
Smile Stoney!
Of course I got one with Stoney!

We had a lot of fun taking photos with each other at our little farmstead. Maybe next year we'll add a few more animals to the mix to keep things interesting! But, we're happy to cross this goal off the 2015 list!

Photos from Natasha Cope Photography

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