27 November 2015

Be Thankful

The fam.
I love autumn and therefore, I love Thanksgiving. Not only is the food delicious and the extra time with family appreciated, but it's a wonderful time to truly reflect on what we're grateful for and to practice being grateful.
We're grateful for the new temple that's been built close by. Not only was I able to help in the cultural celebration prior to the dedication, we were able to visit a few weeks ago and enjoy the quiet, reverent spirit within the beautiful edifice.
Stargazing and finding constellations with an app on Jack's phone.
 I'm grateful that Jack is a fun dad.
 I'm grateful for the penny pony at the grocery store that makes long shopping trips bearable. And I'm grateful for Claire's recently perfected cheesy camera smile.
Henry and Dancer meet for the first time.
I'm grateful that we can literally walk out our back door and be in the middle of the farm fun.
Thanks for the help, Claire!
It's a lot of work, but I'm grateful for our fixer-upper house. It keeps me busy and is certainly a creative outlet for my artistic side.
I'm grateful Henry is a good sleeper.
Seriously, he's a really good sleeper. He already sleeps through the night!
Come to think of it, ALL of my kids have been good sleepers. I am grateful since I love sleeping too!
I'm grateful we're all healthy and happy.
Claire and Kate helping me during our cleaning turn at church...'cause cleaning at church is way more fun than at home.
And I'm thankful for children who want to help.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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