11 November 2015

Hay Ring

A win-win situation for Stoney and Kate.
It's the time of year that the pastures stop producing enough for the horses to be sustained so we've had to roll in a round bale. After watching the horses demolish round bales in a matter of days by crawling all over them, laying on them and using them as personal restrooms, we decided to invest in a hay ring.
Stoney enjoyed the personalized attention and the girls enjoyed giving it.
The horses aren't able to tear apart the hay as quickly and it's kept nicely piled inside so they eat it instead of sleep on it. Of course, the girls exploited the situation to their advantage.
I was doing a few chores and turned my back and the next thing I knew, the girls had clamored into the hay, made a little nest for their dollies and enjoyed a lengthy eye to eye petting session with Stoney.

If it isn't hay hopping or photo shoots, hay bales are ideal for, well, feeding horses.

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