05 November 2015

Morning Person

Stoney coming to say hi while grazing down the backyard for us.
If I am anything, I am a morning person. My whole life, I've probably stayed up all night a total of six times and four of those were not necessarily by choice because I was giving birth (why can't they come at a more reasonable hour??) I love waking up refreshed, before the sun rises and planning what the day will bring.
The cats at their breakfast buffet.
Sometimes I get up early to write in my books or to read. Sometimes I just laze in bed and catch up with what far away friends are doing via social media or look through Pinterest for project ideas.
Raven chasing down her favorite soccer ball.
The quiet time doesn't last long. The girls don't usually sleep in and there are lunches to be packed and chores to be done. When breakfast is finished and the kitchen is clean, the girls get dressed, Henry naps and I go outside to take care of the animals.
Leafie out for a morning stroll.
I've less than five minutes to get everyone fed, watered and turned out before I start wondering if the girls are wrecking the house. Sometimes, I can't help myself though. I like to kick the soccer ball for Raven to chase or spend a few minutes petting the horses. Sometimes I just admire the sunrise and the peace and quiet. It's a good reminder to me to never take what I enjoy for granted.
Everyone playing nicely.
Yes, I am definitely a morning person.

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