03 November 2015


A room full of women learning to defend themselves.
A goal I added to my 2015 list was to take a self-defense class. While I've been fortunate to never have been in a situation where I'd need to defend myself and though I'm pretty confident I'd put up a good fight, I thought it would be a good skill to have.
Reviewing some of the skills to employ in self-defense.
Through church, a brief self-defense class was offered and I jumped at the chance. Some of the stories of why self-defense was so important made me uncomfortable and sad to know it's part of the world we live in, but at the same time, the activity was very empowering. If there is ever a time that I need to use some of the skills I've learned, at least I have some knowledge and moves in my repertoire.
Demonstrating how to respond to being choked.
I would hope every person, especially every woman, would take the chance to learn how to defend themselves and will certainly be teaching my children these important skills. It's not only a matter of keeping oneself safe, it's a matter of self-worth. Everyone is worth keeping safe.

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