12 November 2015

When Mother Goes Home

There's a song the girls learned through church, entitled, Daddy's Homecoming  and the first line is: I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home!. The song is self-explanatory and they sing it often, sometimes after Jack comes home from a long week away, sometimes just because he came home after work. While I love the song, I also think there should be an adult version: I'm So Sad When Mother Goes Home.
Passing off a newborn for my mother-in-law to hold so I can eat? Soooo helpful.
You see, we've never lived close by my mother, or mother-in-law when a baby has been born. It's not that I'm unable to handle a new baby in the house, but having one of the grandma's visit spoils me almost as much as it spoils the girls. With the birth of Henry, I think I was spoiled the most of all (and we live the furthest away!). Not long after his arrival, we had a steady stream of friends dropping off meals and bearing gifts and one after the other, grandmothers coming to help.
Taking the girls for a pony ride.
Though I did take my customary daily nap, watching the girls and the new baby while I snoozed was only part of what they did. They put the girls on Stoney and walked them around the pasture, took the girls to the store and church and to feed the koi so I could have some quiet time, they held Henry so I could eat without juggling a newborn and snuggled with him when he just wanted to be held.
Finishing painting the great room.
And though I always try to hold off on home improvements after a baby is born, telling myself I'll just take a break, I like to take advantage of the extra help. Shortly after Henry was born, we got the pasture fence stained and finished painting the walls and ceiling in the great room. I can't help myself!
The grandpas are a big help too!!
I am always grateful for such supportive family and friends who ease the burden of having a newborn, but in all truth, I'm particularly sad when mother goes home.
Where I get my mad multitasking skills from: my mom knitting and cuddling a baby.
Thanks for all your help, mother and mother-in-law!

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