12 December 2015

Blast Off

A jalapeno starting to turn red--time to eat it!
Remember Jack's aquaponics project? Well, it's slowly but surely beginning to produce food. It's taken some trial and error--the water has to be balanced with the proper pH and nitrites, the plants sometimes experience nutrient loss, the pumps need to be plugged in or the plants won't be watered (oops!), it's been trial and error finding which plants work best in the environment and the plants need enough light...there are a lot of variables when it comes to this new sort of gardening. However, the fish have been easy to raise and they're already about four inches long and when we toss food in for them, they bolt to the surface and gobble it up. It's been an interesting process for sure and is certainly the latest in the year that I've gotten vegetables out of the garden.
A little roma tomato...it was just starting to turn red when I accidentally knocked it off the plant. Oh, well!
Part of Jack's interest in aquaponics is the possibility of using this self-contained gardening system to colonize other planets. Now that he's close to perfecting his project, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he starts working on a rocket ship to blast off to Mars.

I'll stay here on good ol' earth, thank you very much!

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