14 December 2015

Just Give Me That Milk

My cooler runneth over.
After Jack came home from scout camp, he taught the girls the following chant:

Don't give me no pop, no pop!
Don't give me no tea, no tea!
Just give me that milk!
Moo, moo, moo, moo!
Just give me that milk!
Moo, moo, moo, moo!

Honestly, I have no idea where this silly little song originated but it's so catchy that the girls are constantly singing it, including when I ask them to put my bags of milk in the freezer.

Since having Henry, and having such a positive experience donating milk when Kate was still nursing, I decided to donate again to the The Milk Bank. I'm a firm believer that everyone can donate something--blood, hair, marrow, money, time, talents or skills, food, work...there are so many ways that being truly charitable will help another who is in need. Since I've been blessed with more milk than Henry will ever need, it's going to fragile babies who are struggling for a variety of reasons.

Just give 'em that milk.

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