06 January 2016

Will Work for Play

The girls were gifted a set of rock climbing grips and since we've had a mild winter since returning home from our Christmas vacation, we put on our coats and headed out to build the rock wall.
Hang on, Evelyn!
Generally, the girls are more than willing to help, especially when it comes to working on something for them--let's just say, they'll work for play. They helped haul wood, measure, and hold it while it was being assembled.
Good job, Henry!
And Henry did his duty and slept.
Rock climbing is easier without shoes.
Once the grips were bolted to place, it took a few minutes for each girl to figure out how to get up and over. After the first pass, everyone took off their boots to make easier work of the grips. It's already obvious that they'll be getting good use of their new plaything, especially since they're known to love climbing.
They got down a pattern of up, over, then down the slide.
I have a feeling that someday, they'll be rock climbing for real.

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