14 February 2016

Chocolate Party!

Dressed for Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day drums up all kinds of sentiments from a wide variety of people. For me, it's always been a sweet holiday that I've been blessed to celebrate with many friends and family.
Dancer loves Stoney. Stoney is moderately fond of Dancer.
This year, Jack continued his tradition of spoiling the girls and me. He got everyone their traditional flowers and I'd taken the girls shopping one at a time to pick out a special treat for one another. And if chocolate equals love, then Jack loves, no, LOVES us. Instead of a box of chocolates, he threw a chocolate party for the family. Then, we balanced out the sugar overload with having only salad for dinner, calling the grandmas and soaking in a bubble bath.
We had more chocolate than we could ever eat in one sitting, though everyone made an honest attempt.
Like other holidays, Valentine's Day isn't the only day we celebrate our love and admiration for each other, but it is nice to make a bit of a special effort. I count myself a lucky lady to feel valued and cherished by Jack every day, who's also a doting father and to have children who enjoy, care for and adore their siblings and unfailingly love their parents.
We hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day, celebrating love of self, friends and family!

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