20 February 2016

Half a Million

Just over half a million pageviews!
Last year, we had our first goal crossed off our list within days of the New Year. It's not that I'm slacking, but crossing off goals this year hasn't been in rapid succession just yet. I was hoping to do a few races late winter/early spring, but I'm still recuperating from a torn calf muscle, I'm writing a new novel, but not as fast as I'd like and I tried making yogurt, but it turned out as an inedible, goopy slop. But, one goal that happened without me noticing (and with little extra effort on my own part) is that the blog has reached half a million pageviews! I know, I know. Some blogs get half a million pageviews on a bad week (and my mom probably viewed it 499,999 times herself), but I'm pleased to have marked off that goal.

Half a million sounds pretty awesome to me!

How are your goals coming along?

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