23 February 2016

Kitty Cat Playground

One of the things I love about our strange old house is the deck. It's so spacious and offers a wonderful place to grill out, overlook the horses, watch the sun set, or to play on a rainy day. It turns out, the cats also feel the same way. They laze around in the sun and hop onto the windows to watch and see what we're doing, occasionally even dragging a "prize" or two for us up there (I've stepped outside to find many-a-dead critters, thanks to our little tiger wannabes).
Hercules and Snickers discovered that going up and down from the porch was just a matter of either A) climbing the often-present ladder or B) hopping off the car. So, as long as there's a car (or ladder) parked nearby, it's a constant up-down-up-down exercise for them.
It's their very own kitty cat playground and it satisfies their need to pretend they're wild cats and climb without Jack having to prove his true love to me by rescuing them out of towering trees.


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