21 February 2016


Do you believe in miracles? We do!
Now we can watch movies alllllllll the time.
(Just kidding!. It'll only be used on long road trips, but boy, is that a nice feature!)
Getting new vehicles have been on our mind lately. Both the van and the truck have been, shall we say, well-loved? They've been good farm and family cars, but we'd put enough miles and hard labor into them that they began to leak and groan and rust. Plus, it doesn't make sense for Jack to drive the big, less fuel efficient truck to work every day when a small car would do. So, we listed both cars and had an eye out for a full-sized SUV that could accommodate our growing family and be large enough for farm needs, like towing the horses. We planned on buying a new car first, so we'd found several online and tried our best to find one that fit into our budget without much success. Then, Saturday, a nice man overlooked many of the van's flaws and bought it. We were grateful to get that one out the door and have cash in hand though at the same time, a bit frantic. We've lived as a one car family before but Jack's commute is far enough that it makes it unpleasant if we need to drop him off. What were we to do?
Everyone loves the sunroof.
Not two minutes after we sold the van, I found a Suburban that was in good shape, decent mileage and most importantly, a good price. We said a quick prayer that it would all work out, and it did. The person ahead of us in line declined to see it, after test driving it, poking and prodding and inspecting everything, Jack haggled with the owner, who eventually settled on an even better price (thank goodness for those mad haggling skills that Jack learned while living in Mexico!) and we were able to find a way to get our hands on the cash we needed, even though the banks were long since closed. To top it off, between selling the van and some savings we had set aside, we were able to meet the goal of paying for our next car in cash and came home with another vehicle that will work out nicely for us.

In the eternal scheme of things, buying a car is a trivial, unimportant matter, but recognizing the Lord's hand in providing those small tender mercies and answering prayers is nothing short of miraculous.

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